Migraine Treatment

Migraine treatment

What is Migraine Migraine is a typical headache disorder. Normally migraine headaches affect half of the head. Migraine pain usually lasts two hours to 3 days. Symptoms of a Migraine  Basic symptoms are an acute head pain with nausea. Sometimes migraine is related...
diet plan for weight loss

Diet plan for weight loss

Stay focused while you are eating While you are eating, try to remain focused. We tend to eat more when our focus shifts from the food. Unconsciously we end up consuming more food. So, eat slowly and try not...
Diabetes is a lifelong incurable disease that occurs due to the high-level imbalance of sugar in your blood circulation system. How many people are affected? There are 27 million people in the US suffering from diabetes for a long time while...
Vaginal lubrication is very important part of sex. Vaginal lubricant use for easy penetration. Using lubricant making easier for the penis to enter and reducing any kind of pain. During sex time lubrication usually occurs naturally. Some women have more...
Every girl dreams to be a mother. Pregnancy time is a little bit of fear time. At this time, girls have to face many problems. Some common problems are: Headaches: In pregnancy time headaches is a common problem. A continuous pain in...
Skin cancer is the most common disease. Skin cancers are cancer that is born from the skin. Due to the development of abnormal cells that have the ability to spread the body. There is three type of skin cancer....
Birth control is a common way for men and women to stave off pregnancy. There are many different ways to birth control. Normally men are used various kind of condom or maximum women take the pill. The pill is...
Flu symptoms and treatment

Flu symptoms and treatment

Flu is an infectious Virus. Viruses pass through the air and enter your body through nose and mouth. Every year 5 to 20% people in the world caught by this virus. The flu can be serious or even deadly...
Everybody has a hormone. The hormone is a chemical messenger. It helps to you connect or transfer helpful chemical one tissue to another tissue. Hormones are affecting your growth and body behavior. Women’s and men’s hormone are different. Some...
In present time Uterine cancer is a common issue. Many women affected by in any age. But middle age women affected by uterine cancer more than teenager women. Uterine cancer can cause many symptoms Symptoms of Uterine Cancer: Abnormal vaginal...

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