Fried Chicken Recipe

    Fried Chicken Recipe
    Fried Chicken Recipe

    Fried chicken is a dish of broiler chicken pieces which coat with flour and egg. It’s First layer is a crispy coating layer. It contains so many fats. Fried chicken is a very tasty and very yummy food. Also, this is a healthy food.


    1. Broiler Chicken piece with skin
    2. Flour 1 cup
    3. Salt
    4. 2 Egg
    5. ½ Cup Milk
    6. 1 Table spoon Vinegar
    7. 1 Table spoon Ginger
    8. 1 Table spoon Garlic
    9. 1 Table spoon paprika
    10. ½ Table spoon black paper
    11. ½ Table spoon mustard sauce
    12. ½ Table spoon chili powder


    1. First you take a bowl
    2. Take ½ cup pure liquid milk
    3. Mix 1 table spoon vinegar. Then wait 5 minutes.
    4. Add 1 table spoon ginger
    5. Add 1 table spoon garlic
    6. Add 1 table spoon paprika
    7. Add ½ spoon mustard sauce
    8. Mix all Ingredients very well
    9. Lastly, you coat all of chicken pieces in it and leave it at least 3 hours
    10. After three hour you can take an extra bowl. Then take 1 cup flour, ½ table spoon black paper and add enough salt for tasty.
    11. You can take a bowl for egg. Add ½ table spoon garlic and ½ table spoon ginger. Add 3 table spoon pure liquid milk and mix it.
    12. Now 1 pieces marinate chicken turn around with flour very well. Then turn around with egg mixture.
    13. For best shape and crispy you turn around this chicken 2 times in egg and 3 times with flour.
    14. Now take a fry pan and give enough oil for fry. Then fry this chicken on it.

    Hopefully it’ll be very crispy and very tasty. You can try on this in your home. You can eat in your evening snacks.