Baby care in winter

Baby care in winter
Baby care in winter

Winter is a horrible time for baby. In winter every baby needs extra care for his/her body. Baby can’t take any care of their body so their parents or family member can effort some step. Everyone try to keep safe their baby.

Let’s see some step for your baby’s body in this winter:

  1. Wash your hand: Wash your hand before to take your baby in your arm. We are not alert about it may be your hand has any kind of unseen bacteria. So, you must clean your hand before touch your baby.
  2. Breastfeed Your Newborn Baby: You must give your breast milk to your newborn baby. You can give your milk to every 2 hours.
  3. Keep the baby room warm: Keep your baby room warm. Cold weather is not good for a baby. Sometimes for cold weather baby caught
  4. Wearing warm cloth: Make your newborn baby comfortable and warming dress. You can be wearing your baby any kind of heavy cloth like as sweater, cotton dress, comfortable pant and many more. Best way to warm your baby at night you can wrap in a warm blanket. Keep sure to your baby’s deep sleep.
  5. Message Oil: Message hot oil in your baby body. It helps to your baby’s blood circulation.
  6. Follow the Vaccination Schedule: If you remember that in winter you can’t give your baby vaccination then it’ll be a bad decision because vaccination is not harmful to the baby body. It is very helpful for baby growth.
  7. Make sure newborn baby’s mother eats healthy food. Otherwise, your baby doesn’t get mother’s breast milk. Newborn baby’s mother needs to much sleep and rest. Baby’s mother and baby’s make sure checkup doctor during every three-month.

Winter weather is very tough for your baby. It’s your job to make sure your baby stays warm and safe from any kind of illness.