Side effects of birth control pill

Birth control pill
Birth control pill

Birth control is a common way for men and women to stave off pregnancy. There are many different ways to birth control. Normally men are used various kind of condom or maximum women take the pill. The pill is a hormone-based method of the stave of pregnancy. Sometimes it uses to resolve an irregular period problem or heavy periods problem.
For birth control taking the pill, a method is a very successful way. 99% it’s working the aged 15 to 44 women. But taking a pill has both advantages and disadvantages. The pill does not protect you from against HIV and sex-related diseases.

A major side effect of taking the pill:

1. The main side effect is decreased sex hormone
2. Vaginal emission
3. Decrease libido
4. Missed periods
5. Increase headaches and migraine
6. Mental mood changes
7. Weight gain

Decrease Sex Hormone:
For taking the pill every day is not good for health. This birth control way decreases your sex hormone.

Vaginal Emission:
When you taking the pill, the vaginal emission occurs. These changes are not very harmful.

Decrease Libido:
In some case, the birth control pill can affect sex libido. If vaginal libido decreases or makes your vaginal dry then your sex will be very hard and painful.

Missed Periods:
Continuing birth control pill some time suddenly off your regular periods. It happened when you break your routine taking pill schedule.

Increase Headaches and Migraine:
Different types of the pill may hormone trigger and show different symptoms. It’s can increase the chance of headaches and migraine.

Mental Mode Change:
Taking pill may affect your mood changes and increase the risk of depression and emotion.

Weight Gain:
Weight gain is a common problem for many women who take birth control pill. This is a temporary side effect due to some fluid retention.

Please don’t take any pill when you are pregnant. The pill should not take by over 35 age women and smoker women.