Diabetes – Symptoms, Causes, Risks and Treatmet


Diabetes is a lifelong incurable disease that occurs due to the high-level imbalance of sugar in your blood circulation system.

How many people are affected?

There are 27 million people in the US suffering from diabetes for a long time while almost 86 million have prediabetes situation. Prediabetes condition occurs when blood glucose is not in right measurement as required for a person. People having prediabetes condition are at high risk.

Types of Diabetes

Pancreas, an organ behind the stomach, makes a hormone called insulin. When we eat food to get energy, most of the food particles get converted into a simple sugar form called ‘glucose’. The insulin hormone regulates the amount of glucose in the cells of a human body. And if the glucose in the blood rises, the pancreas releases more insulin to push more glucose into body cells. But when the system fails to keep the blood glucose to a standard level, sugar gets increased in the blood system.

People suffering from diabetes either don’t produce insulin or their bodies become resistant to insulin, which leads to the rise of sugar in their blood.

There are three types of diabetes:

  1. Type 1 diabetes
  2. Type 2 diabetes
  3. Gestational diabetes

All these have almost common characteristics.

Why does diabetes occur

Gens: Scientists have already proved family members can bring diabetics. Basically, a different type of DNA affects how the body makes insulin.

Extra weight: being overweight can make you a diabetics patient.

Metabolic syndrome: some people have insulin resistance system including high blood glucose, overweight with additional fat in the waist. Hypertension and high level of cholesterol can cause this disease.

Too much glucose and bad communication between cells, broken beta cells etc can cause diabetics.


There are a few things people can’t control. Because of its natural things.

A person aged 45 or above is more likely to become a diabetes patient.

If the person has blood ties with a diabetes patient family member, the risk of having disease increases.

Diabetics are most common in people having American-African, native American, Asian American ethnic ties.

People can prevent the disease to the extent by following a few steps: 

Doing some physical exercise

Stop smoking

Liberating stress

Take deep sleep

Symptoms of diabetes

  • Repeated thirsty
  • Peeing a lot
  • Having blurry vision on a regular basis
  • Twanging in hands or feet

A long-term disease can damage your heart and blood vessels. Kidneys can’t use their fictional system. After sometimes it will stop working. For women, pregnancy will be big issues.

Best way to avoid this disease is consulting with your doctor. Check blood sugar regularly. Eat and sleep properly. If you find any of the symptoms go and consult your doctor ASAP.

If you are a diabetics patient-

Follow your daily routine, do some exercise regularly, follow your doctor’s instruction, consume healthy and proper food. And, quitting smoking and alcohol is a must!