Flu symptoms and treatment

Flu symptoms and treatment
Flu symptoms and treatment

Flu is an infectious Virus. Viruses pass through the air and enter your body through nose and mouth. Every year 5 to 20% people in the world caught by this virus. The flu can be serious or even deadly for newborn babies, and any kind of people. The doctor called it influenza.

Symptoms of Flu:

Cold and flu symptoms are similar, but flu is very dangerous to all. In this case, sometimes people may die. Some common symptoms are:
• Muscle pain
• Flux
• Cough
• Fever
• Headache

Flu treatment:

Most people recover flu without any medical treatment. If you caught the flu then you take treatment or medicine from an experienced doctor or your near health care. You can take Influenza vaccines or flu shots for protecting you. Take lots of rest. Gargle with salt water for your throat.
Flu is a very dangerous thing for pregnant women. Treatment should begin as soon as possible to protect pregnant women and her baby.
Affected people should stay at their home and avoid contact with another people except get medical care. Cover your nose and mouth.

In this time, you can eat the following food.
Drink pure water. You can take at least 8 glass of pure water in a day.
Green Tea:
Stay hydrated with green tea. The flu usually affects upper respiratory symptoms and drinking warm liquids. It can help to open airways.
Some nutrition suggests eating hot soup. Chicken soup helps with white blood cells work very efficiently.


In this time, getting the protein you can eat beans. This is very delicious in hot, hydrate and easy to slurp down.

Fruits and vegetable:
You must take a vitamin when you affected by Flu. It’s very important to eat a variety of fresh fruits and fresh vegetable.
Orange Juice:
Orange juice is a good source of vitamin C. It helps to you stay hydrated and still get 100% of recommended of vitamin C.
Also, you can eat rice, bread, beef, and fresh fruits like as banana, pineapple, orange, grapes etc.

We can do make sure you stay safe and healthy. Stay Safe, Stay Happy.