Health care tips for new mothers

Health care tips for new mothers
Health care tips for new mothers

The first 8 weeks are crucial for every new mother.

In this transition period, the body changes back to the pre-pregnancy situation. This period is called postpartum period.

When a woman becomes pregnant, the immune system’s infection-fighting white blood cells get suppressed from rejecting a fetus as foreign cells.

Pregnant women have chances of getting hospitalized three times more than normal women. Flu, cold and cough are obvious for new mothers. The postpartum period involves the mother’s body to get adjusted physically and emotionally.

The new mother needs to get as much sleep and rest as possible. Sleeping with the baby is suggested even if it is for few minutes. The mother shouldn’t be obliged to entertain guests and should be given the opportunity to excuse herself. A typical new-born awakes every three hours and needs to be fed, cleaned and comforted. The routine may exhaust the new mother.

During the first few months, the mother needs to get relieved of all other responsibilities. The new mother can take an hour of walk every day and can perform exercise recommended by the doctor.

Among all the chores that add up after a new baby comes to the family, a mother can forget about her meal. It is important for mothers to eat and maintain a healthy diet for 6 months after pregnancy. During this time the baby needs to be breastfed. Essentially the baby lives on the diet, the mother eats. Fresh vegetables, fruits, fruit juice, grains and grain made products, dairy products rich in calcium and protein, fish and nuts etc should be added to the food list.

Although many women focus more on losing pregnancy weight, extreme diet can have a hazardous effect on health. It’s advisable to cut out high-fat snacks from the diet and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables instead.

The firstborn can often result in parents becoming frustrated and exhausted of the time and energy a new baby needs. It’s therefore important for the new parents to bring in someone to help during the first few months. It helps them in concentrating on their other works and on the baby.