Migraine treatment

Migraine Treatment

What is Migraine

Migraine is a typical headache disorder. Normally migraine headaches affect half of the head. Migraine pain usually lasts two hours to 3 days.

Symptoms of a Migraine 

Basic symptoms are an acute head pain with nausea. Sometimes migraine is related to the sensitivity of sounds, smell & light.

Types of a Migraine

Classic migraine

It begins with aura. Aura means humans visual filed can be changed. like People see dots, wavy line with blurry vision. After experiencing such discomforts, migraine begins with heavy pain within one hour or less than an hour. Approx. 20% of people have this type of a migraine.

prodromal phase

Almost 25% of patients have this type of a migraine. Prodromal phase means it is related to mood swings like Depression & over excitements. Some people may have a sensation of odd smell or feel tired. Normally it occurs one day before migraine pain develops.

Cause of Migraines

There is no such a way to know exactly what causes migraines. But doctors have found out some factors that are likely to trigger migraines:

Hormonal changes: menstruation can one of the causes of a migraine in women.  Because menstruation changes hormone levels.

Emotion: emotional changes like depression, sadness, stress etc. can trigger migraine.

Food habit: alcohol or smoke can trigger a migraine. Even having a food like chocolate, cheese, fruits can trigger a migraine. Irregular meal times & dehydration can also be the causes of a migraine.

Physical Reasons: insufficient sleep can trigger a migraine. Tiredness can also be dangerous. Low blood sugar can also cause migraine pain.

Medicine: a Migraine can occur because of taking sleeping pills & hormone replacement therapy.

Bad environment: flickering screens, bad smell, excess lights or loud noises can be the cause of a migraine.

Migraine treatment

A migraine is an incurable disease. But following a good lifestyle can reduce the severity of migraines.

  • Try to get some sleep regularly. At least 6 hours soundless sleep is necessary.

  • Try to reduce work pressure. It also reduces your daily stress.

  • Daily 2 liters of water is a must.

  • Avoid consuming alcohol & smoking

  • Try to do some physical exercises regularly. If it is hard to do regular exercise then walk for 1 hour daily.