What not to eat during periods


Everywoman who have started bleeding knows very well what happens when ‘that time of the month’ arrives. Stomach cramps, mood swings, irritableness and food craving are common symptoms. It is advised not to eat anything and everything during periods. Eating anything without any precaution is likely to make the period cramps more unbearable. Here is a list of a variety of foods that every woman need to AVOID during their periods.


Caffeinated foods and beverages

While initially a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar might make you feel light and happy, it may cause depression, anxiety, and breast tenderness after a few hours in your blood stream. Caffeine containing beverages are responsible for mood swings too.

process food

Processed food

It’s important to keep the salt intake as low as minimum during periods. Processed foods contain a lot of sodium which will make the bloating worse. Sodium intake can also increase muscle cramps and constrictions. Therefore, it is healthy to avoid any kind of processed during periods.


Fatty meats

Processed fatty meat used to make burgers and sandwiches are best to avoid. Beacuse fatty meats take a lot of time to get digested and increase period pains.

Sugary Foods

sugar levels in blood fluctuate during periods. Eating a large donut may satisfy your sweet tooth, but will eventually create imbalance in your sugar levels. This will eventually lead to mood swing and tension. Sugary foods also make you fatigue and tired.

dairy food

Dairy Products

while it is important to consume a lot of protein during periods, its better to avoid dairy products such as milk and butter. Dairy products contain saturated fat, which will worsen the pain and cramps during periods.

While the days of periods are different for every woman, these above mentioned foods are better to avoid. Doctors recommend eating fresh fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, calcium and minerals. Additionally, drinking green tea instead of coffee or normal tea will ease the pain. Over-eating should also be avoided.