Uterine cancer signs and treatment

Uterine cancer signs and treatment
Uterine cancer

In present time Uterine cancer is a common issue. Many women affected by in any age. But middle age women affected by uterine cancer more than teenager women. Uterine cancer can cause many symptoms

Symptoms of Uterine Cancer:

  1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding.
  2. Unusual vaginal discharge.
  3. Irregular periods problem.
  4. Pain during sex.
  5. Pelvic pain.
  6. Feel pain in lower abdomen.
  7. Back or legs pain.
  8. Bladder or rectum bleeding.
  9. Weight loss
  10. Breathing problem.

If you are concerned about any kind of changes in above problem, then contact a doctor and take treatment. In this situation, you can’t take any baby. Early stage cancer diagnosis lessens the risk of mortality.

Uterine cancer signs and treatment
Uterine cancer signs


The main treatment for uterine cancer is remove or surgery cervix and uterine.  In most cases at a time ovaries and fallopian tubes also be removed.

Radiation Therapy uses high energy x-ray to destroys this cancer cells. Some time radiation therapy is most often given after surgery for destroying remaining cancer cells. Processing this treatment doctor advised to their patients not to have sex. Maybe women resume normal sex activities within some weeks after treatment if they feel ready.

The side effect of this treatment:

After this surgery, a woman can no longer become pregnant. Women cannot take any baby after surgery or remove ovaries is the most common side effect. For this reason, patients who wish to take a baby in future to talk with a doctor about all option before taking treatment. You can feel pain and tiredness. The doctor will prescribe medication to reduce the pain. It also reduces sex hormones.

If this cancer cannot be controlled then it’s called last stage cancer or terminal this stage. Remember that advanced stage cancer may be difficult to take treatment. There have so many risks. Take care your self and take a good treatment from an oncologist.