How to apply Lip gloss

Apply Lip gloss
Apply Lip gloss

Lip gloss is a makeup cosmetic. It is a colorful or just glossy type cosmetic. This is applied to the lips to provide a gorgeous glossy finish. It is distributing as a matte, soft solid, glittery and liquid. This product is available for all kind of women.

How to apply on your lips:

You can apply lip gloss in different or various ways. But applying popper way it helps to you look very beautiful and gorgeous.

Let’s see how to apply this to your lips:

  1. Apply a small amount of lip bum or petroleum jelly.
  2. Take a lip gloss to match your skin or match your makeup.
  3. Fair skin color women can use light shades or pink color lip gloss. Medium skin color women can use rose, or some light shades lip gloss. Dark skin color women can use chocolate or red color shade with dark makeup.
  4. Use lip liner or lip pencil. Art to out your lips shape. First art your pencil or lip liner from the middle part of your upper lip then follow its border.
  5. Apply lip gloss to your lips. At a time, you can use some multiple color lip gloss on your lips.

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You can use basic lip gloss without color. Just applied to your lips normally.

Colorful lip gloss: You can use it to add any color lip gloss and make shine color.

Glittery Lip gloss: It can be with or without color but must have to glitter on your lips.

Using lip gloss make to you so attractive and gorgeous. Every woman has their own choice. But some time many women faces confused to select lip gloss. So that I prefer some color for your skin tone. Pink, orange, blue and metallic or any light color lip gloss use for a fun day or hang out with your friends. But if you go attend a party then must be wearing dark color lip gloss with your glamour’s makeup.

Remember that you must use any kind of brand lip gloss because the lip is our very sensitive part of our body.