Bright and white skin using potato:



1. Potato
2. Rose Water
3. Honey
4. Lemon Juice

Potato rich in vitamin C. Potato have phytonutrients that have antioxidant activity. Potato helps to remove wrinkles and dark circle under eyes. Protect to your skin in sunburn. Increase skin lightening. Potato helps in cleanses skin, reducing acne, pimple breakout.
At first you take a potato and cut the potato into small pieces. Then use 2 table spoons rose water. Then blend it.

If your skin is oily then you use lemon juice

if your skin is dry then you use honey

if your skin is normal then you use lemon juice and honey. Then mix it very well. Now you message this paste in your skin. After 15 minutes, you wash it with pure water.
Potato also benefited for your health. It is very popular food source. Potato helps lower amount of cholesterol in your blood. It helps us to decrease heart disease. Help maintain healthy weight. Aid in improve eye health.