How to care for dry skin and thinning hair after delivery

care for dry skin and thinning hair after delivery
Dry skin and thinning hair after delivery

Post-partum changes come in many ways. The high progesterone during Pregnancy creates the skin to swell and leave blotchy marks in several parts. However, after the delivery, it takes weeks to recover from the pregnancy body phase. The progesterone takes more than 8 weeks to adjust in a non-pregnancy form in the body.

A few days after the delivery, changes in the skin is reflected. While some mothers experience excessive oily skin, many others had to struggle with dry skin.

While oily skin may not be too uncomfortable, dry and flaky skin is a concern for many new mothers. Skin peeling, flaky skin, dry uncomfortable irritation is all common after pregnancy.

To get rid of the problems, the new mothers can follow few tips.

It’s very important to moisturize the skin every now and then to sooth the dryness. While a number of moisturizers are available for new mothers in the market, natural or essential oil work best in such cases. Coconut oil is very good natural moisturizer which helps to soften the skin. As it is natural, it’s safe and does not have any side-effect.

Coconut oil also helps in hair growth. Many new mothers lose their hair right after pregnancy. Coconut oil helps improving hair condition.

It’s important to moisturize the skin as well. Women who suffer from flaky skin should use aloe-vera with olive and essential oil and leave it in the skin for some time. It’s better to wash it off with cold water after sometime.

New mothers should eat dry nuts and fruits and butter added foods which will help to balance oil of the skin.

It’s important to use dry skin friendly facewash and shampoo after pregnancy. Often mothers do not get the time to shower for days. Hair volumizing products can be used to reduce hair thinning.