How to care for hair in winter

care for hair in winter
care for hair in winter

Winter comes when the scorching heat of the sun becomes lighter and the air is no longer humid. Winter is a favorite season for many of us, but it also brings troubles. The hair burn might not be an issue, but the dry weather leaves its toll on the scalp. So it’s time to plan for a new hair care routine. Here are a few tips that will rejuvenate the dry hair into silky and smooth looking hair.

Here are a few tips on how you should take care of your hair this winter:

1. Cover your hair as much as possible while you are out. The winter air contains small particles makes the hair dry and dull. This will help you to keep the scalp clean and remove the chances of dandruff.

2. It is not advisable to shampoo more than twice a week. Shampoo soaks out the moisture from the hair which makes it look dehydrated and gloomy.

3. Use conditioner as per your hair’s need after shampooing each time. Shampoo soaks the moisture and conditioner helps to restore it back.

4. Use essentials oils to quickly moisture your hair after the shampoo. Argon oil is a good choice to moisturize your hair.

5. Use hair mask to keep your hair hydrated. Choose the mask depending on your hair type. It’s better to choose mask consisting of coconut oil, argan oil, castor oil etc.

6. Use protein mask to prevent hair breakage. Protein mask keeps the hair healthy looking and lively. Protein mask is available in the market. They can be made at home too. Egg, milk, mayonnaise is a good choice for protein mask.

7. Apply oil at least twice a week to keep the hair hydrated. Oil also keeps air pollution particles away which makes the hair dry and dull.


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