How to remove pimples naturally and permanently

remove pimples naturally

Tomato is a healthy fruit. It contains a good amount of lycopene which has anti-oxidants. This is great to eat. Tomato is the major dietary source. It has many health benefits. Tomato reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. Tomato kills most kind of toxins in your body. Fewer blood clots and it has Lower cholesterol. It helps to yours stabilize blood sugar levels. Helps to reduce belly fat and weight loss. Tomato is famous for making pizza and sandwiches.

Tomato benefit for your skin:

  1. Rich in Vitamin C and potassium
  2. Remove Black and Dark circle
  3. Repel Extra oil on your face
  4. Prevents wrinkles and anti-aging
  5. Remove Pimple on your face
  6. Improve your eye health

Tomato is great in your homemade beauty products. Tomato increase your skin glowing and shinning. If you would like to get fresh and clear skin then you must use Tomato on your skin.

I am going to give some tips to use tomato like as your beauty product.

Make Tomato Scrub
Make Tomato Scrub

Make Tomato Scrubbing:

Take a tomato. Then cut this tomato and take juice from tomato. Place tomato juice in a bowl and mix ½ tablespoon sugar on this juice. Blende it very smoothly.


  1. Using 5 minutes you can do Streaming your face.
  2. Apply Tomato Scrubbing in a circular motion on your face for 15 minutes.
  3. Clean up your face with pure water.
  4. Using Moisturizing cream or lotion on your face

Tomato scrub helps you remove acne, pimple and dark circle on your face. Naturally, you can get fresh soft and glowing skin.

Using Routine:

You can use this scrub 4 times every week. It has no side effect. Tomato scrub uses all on your face before going to the beach or a pool. This scrub helps you that sunburn down.