How to lose extra weight

How to lose extra weight
How to lose extra weight

How to lose extra weight?

Read, if your new year’s resolution is to live a healthy life

Alone in the United States, around 50 million people start there the new year with the resolution of diet to lose extra weight. However, the issue is not about losing weight or eating a healthy diet, it is about maintaining the diet plan for life or at least for a time until you get back to your healthy life.

Did you know that U.S. News & World Report, a renowned US magazine makes a panel of health experts to prepare the best diet rankings for each year?

Here’s the link to their page- Best Diets

Alright, what we are here today for is not to promote some already-famous-magazine, rather we are here to warn you something about your health.

Do you what percentage of people are currently suffering from obesity alone in the US?

A recent study shows that around 37.9% men and 41.1% women are currently suffering from obesity, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. And in the United Kingdom, the percentage is more, more than half of the population of the country are suffering from obesity. Statistically, around 58% women and 65% men in the UK are overweight or suffering obesity.

If the numbers, percentages or statistics of people with weight issue does not concern you still, nothing on earth should concern you. Overweight is a significant reason to have health problems likes heart diseases, diabetes, and even sudden death. However, having extra weight does not always mean that you have health issues. Because you might have found skinny people with diabetes or heart problems.

Same goes for heart patients. That means people with slim body might have strokes and heart failures. So, who is the culprit here? Obesity alone?

Well, definite obesity is not the culprit here alone. It is sugar, cigarettes or sloth lifestyle sometimes can be the cause of such diseases.

Therefore, what you have to do is find a perfect diet plan (which we have already shared in the beginning of this article) and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Let the resolution of 2018 be to remain healthy and strong.