Priyanka Chopra Fitness Workout

Priyanka Chopra Fitness Workout
Priyanka Chopra Fitness Workout

Priyanka Chopra who won miss world crown at the age of 17 in 2000. She is very beautiful, attractive and sexy actress of Bollywood. Also, she is a world-famous model, actress, singer and performer. She also famous for her sexy leg. Around 12 brands cover her sexy leg photoshoot and promote their brand.

Priyanka Chopra keep her attractive figure, fit and slim body, sexy outlook and gorgeous look with diet and regular exercise.

Diet Plan:

Priyanka Chopra follows unique and an excellent workout schedule in every day. Her perfect diet plan helps to maintain her body and helps to her weight loss. Every day she follows very simple diet.


Priyanka Chopra likes to eat. Every 2 hour she eats something. She eats coconut water and nuts after every two hours to keep herself to active and very energetic.  Her breakfast item is two eggs, and one glass milk. Lunch item is two roti, dal, veggies and salad. Evening snacks- Sandwich and salad. Dinner item is soup, fish and grilled chicken. During her weekend she is very crazy about her food. During this time, she is very pond of green vegetable, fruits and mineral. Her weekend diet includes tandoori food, cakes and chocolates. She tries to eat at least one (breakfast, lunch or dinner) homemade food. She likes to take so much pure water to keep her hydrate. She always eat fresh and healthy food.


Priyanka Chopra is very attractive with a slim body and sexy figure. She does gym for her weight training. She does work out an hour of four day in a week. She prefers resistance training. Priyanka Chopra does Yoga for her refreshment and motivation.

For relaxation she spends so much time with her family and friends. She also prefers read book and listening music.  She always tries to be free from any stress.