Significance of diet and exercise combination to get the best result

Significance of diet and exercise combination to get the best result
Significance of diet and exercise combination to get the best result

When you have made your mind to lose weight, you have to follow some strict rules. You must have a proper diet plan considering the calories you swallow. Doing exercise alone and not following a diet is nothing but wastage of plan.

For example, when we run for a while, we feel tired and famished afterward. Then, if you stuff your stomach by consuming junk foods, be certain to feel empty again in the next hour. So, what you have to do is pack your meal with sufficient protein and carbs but ingest fewer calories.

Here is a complete strategy to lose one pound a week.

Run three or four times in a week for at least an hour each day. To lose one pound of weight, you have to burn 500 calories of energy each day. On the other days of the week, do some calorie-burning training in gym or home. Metabolism-boosting training is also another source of losing weight which you have to do in a planned way. Remember, unplanned and over exercise is never good for your body.

If you find no positive result, meaning you are not losing a single pound of weight, then recheck your diet and exercise combination as it is the most important condition to lose weight.

Change is necessary for your workout plan. You cannot do the same thing every day. Not even you are following the same track every day and expect a positive result. Running on the same track every day, slowly make your body to adapt to the changes. It means, after running on the same track every day, your body recognizes the new addition to your life and tries to adapt to it soon as possible as means of survivability.

Sometimes, you will see that you are not losing weight but your body is getting back its lost strength and getting back in shape. So, if you are not losing your body fat, how can you lose weight, right? What happens there is that your body muscle tissue gets the first touch and then your fat tissue. As a result, things like bra size and shape of your waist start to reduce in time.