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Healthy diet
Healthy diet

Losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle at your 30s or 40s is undeniably a tough job. One has to struggle a lot to keep in shape. While maintaining a healthy diet, one often wants to give up or try to shift from one diet to another in an attempt to find the easiest one.
There is no harder test than watching others eating a slice of pizza or burger and you chewing green inedible foods.
Today, we are here with some easy tips from the Science of Life recommended by ancient Indian gurus to eat healthily. Ancient gurus always ate a balanced diet designed to sustain the digestive system. Their approach was more natural than maintaining modern diet system.

So, here are some health diet tips from ancient gurus of India-

Concentrate on the taste

Gurus believed the mother nature has made eating foods a gratifying experience. Feeling hungry is a part of life’s most crude truth and one’s stomach needs to be full if he or she wants to offer something to humanity. Even Lord Buddha abstained from self-imposed hunger once he realized that it is of no use to remain hungry to exclude oneself from earthly desire.
What you have to do is enjoy every bite that you take, according to Indian philosophy. You can never stick to eating cucumbers or boiled vegetables as you will never feel content while chewing those foods. However, gurus also do not recommend you to eat unhealthy foods which damages your digestive system.

Chew until it turns fluid

Chew your food 32 times and while chewing try to concentrate on the taste of whatever you are eating. Eat less, but eat what you like most avoiding unhealthy foods. Swallowing large chunks prevents the digestive system to function properly and in long-term, it ruins the system to cause suffering for rest of your life.

Keep the stomach empty 20-25%

There is a Japanese saying that you should never fill your belly, leave the belly empty by 20-25%. Surprisingly, Indian gurus also preach that one should leave one-third of the belly empty while eating.

Do not eat when you are in bad mood

Yes, never try to eat foods when you are feeling down in your life. Like, most people tend to eat ice-cream and chocolates when they are sad and crying. What it does is break the long-term diet planning and you get used to it.

So, eat what you like keeping the stomach slightly empty and chew 32 times. That is our easiest guideline to maintain a healthy diet.