Best place to celebrate this Christmas


Christmas, for many, is probably one of the most important days for living the life. Without question, such celebrations are perfect opportunities to discover new destinations. Have a look at some of our recommendations of great tourist places to celebrate this Christmas with your family and friends.
In this article, we are going to talk about three of the most popular destinations to enjoy Christmas. After scrutinizing thoroughly, we managed to shrink down to just five as there were plenty of choices.

New York
New York

1.  New York, United States

Undoubtedly, the city of New York is perhaps one of the most popular destinations for Christmas. On this day, many events took place here and you must not miss any of those. If you are an admirer of arts and culture, you can attend various artistic events.

If you like to shop during Christmas as products are sold at best deals during Christmas, you can keep yourself busy purchasing different items in different shops and appreciate the lighting of the large Christmas tree that is placed every year at the Rockefeller Centre. By the way, do not forget to stop at Central Park to skate.

Cologne, Germany
Cologne, Germany

2. Cologne, Germany

Cologne is a famous city of Germany and like New York, different events are arranged here to entertain the Christmas freaks. Here, also you can enjoy shopping as the streets of Cologne are filled with shops that offer products at the very reasonable price. However, the most popular market is Neumarkt which is located in Cologne Cathedral. Then there are Alter Markt and the Rudofplatz. Each of these has plenty to offer you.

Not to mention, as the 25 December approaches, all these places are decorated according to different tastes and ages.

After a spending a while in the markets in Cologne, you can then take a walk along the Rhine River, visit its majestic Gothic Cathedral, one of the oldest in Europe. And finally, why not enjoy an exquisite lunch in one of its traditional restaurants.

Aspen, United States
Aspen, United States

3. Aspen, United States

Aspen has long been a famous tourist destination for lovers of winter sports. Spending Christmas in Aspen lets you enjoy various sports and a night in a cheap cabin with all the facilities. The four ski resorts located in the Rockies are favorites for lovers of winter sports. In Aspen, do not forget to visit the Aspens Ice Gardens and show off your skating skills.