Lisbon popular visiting place and cost

Lisbon Portugal
Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon is the beautiful mountain and a coastal place in the world. Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of Portugal. This is the most visited place in Europe. If you want to visit this place then you can continue with this article. This article describes to you whole visiting guide.

Lisbon Visiting place and where you can stay:


Belem Tower:

Belem Tower is the first fortified tower in Lisbon. Now, this is a World Heritage site and transformed into a lighthouse. This tower has five floors. There are Governor’s Hall, King Hall, Audience Hall, Chapel and Roof terrace. This is the most famous place in Portugal.

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To visit this place, you can stay in this following hotel:

Amazonia Jamor Hotel: 4.6 km from the Belem Tower. It cost will be around $130 and above.
Palacio do Governador: 0.4 km from Belem Tower. Its cost will be $485.
Hotel Jeronimos 8: 1.2 km from Belem Tower. Its cost will be $243.
Note: You can stay rent an Apartment.



The heart of Lisbon, Alfama is one of the oldest places on Lisbon. Saint George’s Castle, The Tile Museum, Sao Vicente de Fora Church is the best visiting place on Alfama. You can wake up early and see the magnificent views on Miradouro das Porta’s da sol. If you go during the sunrise in this place 100% sure you can see the peaceful weather.

Alfama – You can stay in this following hotel:

Hostel Petit Lusa: If you have a small amount for hotel budget then it will be best choices. Its cost will be $125 with breakfast. From traveler this hotel is superb. You can stay in this hotel with a low budget.
B.Mar Hostel & Suites: If you stay normal then you can stay at this hotel. Its cost will be $90 with breakfast free.
MeraPrime Gold: 0.9 km from Alfama. Its cost will be $260 breakfast included. From traveler this hotel review is Superb.


Christ the King:

Christ the King is a Catholic monument which is a symbol of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. It stands on across the Tagus river from Lisbon. This is a popular place for a traveler.

Some Hotel Information to stay:

The Dorm: You can stay here in the lowest budget. 2.8 km from “National Sanctuary of Christ the King, Portugal. Cost just $30.
Jana’s Guest House: New Guest House. You can stay at it easily. The cost will be $60.
Pestana Palace Lisboa Hotel & National Monument: Beautiful hotel cost $345. Also, breakfast included. 3.1 km from “National Sanctuary of the King, Portugal.

Hopefully reading this article now you can easily travel at Lisbon Portugal.