Paris Tour- The Heaven on Earth

paris tour
paris tour

Paris – the dream city, everyone has a secret wish to visit the city for once in a lifetime. According to Google, Paris is the sixth most attractive city all over the world. The paper – Guardian report that it will become the top most favorite tourist spot within a few years. Then the question is why Paris, and how this place gained so much popularity within a very short period.

 Why Paris?

Paris is called the ‘city of love’. About 15.5million people visit Paris every year. As a tourist, the first choice is a visit to the best place with affordable cost. And here, Paris gives the opportunity. To visit London or New York, you have to pay a huge amount of money while Paris needs a little. The transportations are easy. Even anyone can get the cheapest bike sharing service compared to other parts of Europe. And the last important point is that the people are so much friendly as they accept tourist from any country. As a result, within a short time, Paris has become the most common tourist spot worldwide.

 Culture and freedom:

It’s been a long time since France got independence; The French have their own culture, own thought, and their own religious views. At the same time, they give the highest respect to others’ view, culture and religion. Freedom of thought is practiced here by the government. It encourages people to pay a visit to this amazing city.


Hotels are quite cheap with the beautiful natural view of France. These are the most basic accommodations. What is classified as a “very comfortable” hotel averages 170 euros per night in Paris and 150 euros outside, while the most expensive Deluxe category hotels can cost anything from 450 euros in Paris and 300 euros in the rest of France. Most of the hotels are situated outside of Paris as people can stay away from city’s pollution and enjoy the nature more closely. On the other hand, no bindings are there, tourists can attend night party or enjoy the night with their loved ones without any prior question.

Food and snacks:

Foods are cheap and healthy here. Tourists can order their own food menu in any café. Most of the cases, they offer drink free. For breakfast, it needs only 5€ and lunch menu’s price is minimum €16.  For their hospitability, people like France. Lastly they provide home delivery for special tourist guests.

Top three attractions of Paris:

Eiffel Tower:

What would Paris be without its symbolic Eiffel Tower? The Eiffel Tower is a wrought iron lattice tower and completed in 1889. 324 meters high, it is one of the most visited monuments in the world with nearly 7 million visitors a year.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral:

One of the most enduring symbols of Paris: Notre-Dame de Paris, is known as Notre Dame, It is widely considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in France and Europe.

Louvre Museum
Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum:

The Louvre is the most visited art museum in the world, located in the heart of Paris with an area of 210,000 square meters including 60,600 for the exhibitions. The remains of the fortress are visible in the basement of the museum.

Paris is stunningly beautiful, packed full of historic artifacts and monuments and undoubtedly has a gorgeous future – everyone should pay a visit to this heaven.