Sajek Valley – The kingdom of the clouds in Rangamati

Sajek Valley
Sajek Valley

Bangladesh is a land of green, love, and peace. Sajek is the ideal Green Valley in Bangladesh. Sajek Valley is in Rangamati district of the mountainous region, only 7/8 hours from Dhaka. Just take a two-day trip to be amazed by the beauty of nature and this beautiful memory will remain forever in your heart.

Sajek Valley
Sajek Valley

For visiting this place, you need to go to Dighinala army camp from Khagrachari. From there you can go to Sajek. You will need to seek permission from the Baghighat Police and Army camp to go to Sajak. In the way, you will get to see the Kasalong Bridge & two rivers, the Kasalong River. Later, Tiger Tila army post and Masalong Bazar. When the market is crossed, the first village of Sajek, Ruili Para, whose height is 1800 feet will appear. Lusai’s elderly population and Pankua and Tripura also live here.

Dighinala Hanging Bridge
Dighinala Hanging Bridge

Kanglak Para is the very last village of Sajek Valley. At the time of return, Hazazhra Jharna, Dighinala Hanging Bridge and Dighinala Banwihari can be seen. To see all these things in a day.

Sajek Valley
Sajek Valley

Do not forget to eat traditional foods from there. Sajek valley can be visited in one day with the reservation of a jeep (local name Chandra car) from Khagrachari. Jeep might look so old. But don’t worry. Jeep drivers are very professional. jeep Rent is Bangladeshi 5-6k ( 80$) taka and 15 people can sit. If people are less, then you can also go by CNG from the city. Rent is 3k (40$) taka. Or, go from Khagrachari town to Dighinala and then to Sajek.


You can eat their traditional foods in restaurants in Pankha Para near Khagrachari.


You can easily go to Khagrachari from Dhaka using Shyamoli, Hanif and other local transport. The ticket price is 580 taka. Besides, BRTC and Saintmartins Paribahan AC buses are available in Khagrachari.

You can go there by air. But you have to go to first Chittagong from Dhaka. From Chittagong you can visit Sajek by road. The bus of Shanti Paribahan directly goes to Dighinala.


Khagrachari has hotels of different quality, including tourism motel. While there are some hotels in Dighinalala, the quality of the Dighinala Guest House is somewhat good.

  • Tourism Motel

All the rooms in the motel are two beds. Rent: AC 2100 Bangladeshi Taka, Non-AC 1300 bangladeshi Taka. Contact: 0371-6208485.

  • Hotel Echo Chow In

It is located in the mountainous environment near the Khagrapur Cantonment. It is the resort type hotel. Contact: 0371-62625, 3743225. Average cost is 1000-2000 Bangladeshi taka per night for single room.

  • Dighinala

Dighinala Guest House: It is located on the opposite side of the bus stand of Dighinala city. This is a minimum standard residential hotel. You can take a room that will cost you between 300-500 Bangladeshi Tk.

Sajek is a fantastic place to visit for people of all ages and nowadays, a large number of people are showing interest to visit the place filled with natural beauty.